Non-Destructive Testing

No rope access. No scaffolding. No risky work at height.

Gathering elevated thickness measurements has never been easier.  Repeatable and trustworthy measurements are captured by certified best in class NDT sensors that provide insight into your critical infrastructure. 
Foley Specialty Services is proud to offer a new and transformative way in which industrial Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is completed. Utilizing the Voliro T unmanned system, we are capable of providing thickness measurements at height and in close proximity to structures without the need for rope access or scaffolding. This unique system can be equipped with a variety of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sensors to ensure reliable and precise collections. In addition, the 180 degree tilting design of the platform allows for the inspection of curved and sloped surfaces. Through our continued pursuit of innovation, we remain committed to offering solutions that help save time, reduce costs, and improve safety

Non-Destructive Testing Payloads


Dry Film Thickness

Ideal for monitoring surface coating thickness. Magnetic induction and eddy current measurement modes.


Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer

Ideal for corroded and dirty surfaces with no surface preparation needed.


Ultrasonic Transducer

Echo-to-echo and pulsed echo test mode with live A-scan viewing.