Aerial Photography

Foley Specialty Services is using drones to capture high-quality aerial photographs of construction sites and other infrastructure for detailed, real-time footage of terrain and assets. This footage even comes in 4K resolution, altogether offering a clearer, faster, and safer alternative to manual grounded surveys.


Remotely assess road conditions

Safely inspect for insurance purposes

Understand damage before putting rescue teams at risk

Accurately monitor landscape conditions over time

Capture valuable footage of dangerous, hard-to-reach areas

Gain a comprehensive understanding of surrounding terrain


Construction Site Progress

FSS uses drones to collect real-time data about construction projects to understand what’s happening on-site. Aerial footage improves progress tracking and helps identify problems early—before your project is pushed over budget and past its deadline. Images and video provide access to an unprecedented amount of insight into nearly every aspect of your project. With this data in hand, you will find it simple to plan, communicate, and keep projects on schedule.

FSS drones also make it easy for clients to receive regular updates on construction site progress. Our drones provide you with highly detailed visual data of project progress that is easily shareable throughout the company. You can consult with your clients remotely, using same-day aerial footage of the site, and when a problem occurs, you can get in-depth visual images in a matter of hours instead of days. FSS is using drones to eliminate delays and save you thousands of dollars on every project.

Insurance Assessments

UAVs can assess properties in a fraction of the time it takes human inspectors, particularly when the property has sustained damage. Commercial buildings especially have an unending number of potential hazards, such as chemicals and large structures. That’s why more and more insurance companies are bringing in drones to get aerial footage and footage of hard-to-reach areas for safer and more accurate damage assessments.

Natural Disasters

UAVs can’t prevent disasters, but FSS is leveraging them to cut down on further damage and downtime after a natural disaster has occurred. UAVs are capable of flying high above damage or down close to the affected areas. They can assess the structural integrity of roads and buildings and help operators and rescue teams identify people in need of help. With thermal imaging, FSS drones can even find people that may be buried or hidden by debris.