Who We Are?

Nestled in the Gulf South, we are a leading, licensed and a trusted company that specializes in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) technology solutions. At Foley Specialty Services, our goal is to help clients eliminate tedious asset evaluation work, reduce inspection costs, and create a safe work environment for employees.

What We Do?

At Foley Specialty Services, we provide the industrial market with high-quality, advanced and end-to-end aerial solutions at affordable prices. These include asset inspections, inventory assessments, aerial surveying, and aerial photography. With our drone inspections, your business can benefit from both accurate and efficient asset evaluation, reporting and insights—all much needed for quick and informed decision making on remediation priorities as well as planning.

Furthermore, our drones can help you provide a safe work environment for employees as the drones are powered to collect data from the most dangerous and inaccessible sites. Therefore, it can significantly help you lower workplace injuries and fatalities.

Our solutions also help asset owners stay compliant and ensure efficient maintenance practices are followed without ceasing operations and while minimizing safety and health risks to team members.

With our comprehensive aerial solutions, you can:

  • Monitor critical infrastructure for potential leaks, and corrosion
  • Empower the facility inspector
  • Provide your engineer with quality spatial analytics and measurements, thereby helping them to understand the natural environment risks

At Foley Specialty Services, we believe that by utilizing the power of drone technologies, you can truly experience a difference in the way you work and communicate.

Our solutions help create new business growth opportunities by allowing you to move forward with a competitive edge. By identifying inefficiencies and anomalies in a timely manner, you can make better decisions and improve overall productivity.

Industries We Serve

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